Sports and leisure

Geographic location of the commune favours doing sports and tourism, i.e. hiking and cycling, kayaking, sailing, angling, horse riding. One of the attractions is a cycle path connecting the Sępólno Krajeńskie and Więcbork Communities. In most of the villages, sports fields and places for recreation for children and adolescents are located. In the area of the Sępólno Krajeńskie Commune there are more than 20 lakes. The largest ones are the Sępoleńskie Lake, the Lutowskie Lake and the Juchacz Lake. In the south – west side of the Sępoleńskie Lake, a wooden pier is located together with a marina, as well as an amphitheatre for 200 spectators with a stage on the water. A seasonal cafe with a roofed terrace offers the visitors an opportunity to rest in a beautiful surrounding. In the immediate vicinity of the Sępoleńskie Lake, a modern full-sized and multi-functional entertainment and sports hall, “Krajna Arena”, is situated, together with a sports stadium with athletics track, brick tennis courts, full-size main and side football pitches.

The Social Activity Centre, as a modern facility located in a former school built in the early twentieth century, combines the activities of many associations that are established in this building.