Entrepreneurship Incubator

In the Sępólno Krajeńskie commune, an Entrepreneurship Incubator is operating, which is used on preferential terms by entrepreneurs from the Sępólno Krajeńskie region.
In the building with the surface area of nearly 900 m2 15 offices, conference room, a production hall and kitchenettes are located. In addition, the Incubator building is equipped with video surveillance, alarm, elevator, toilets for the disabled, a car park, and it is easily accessible by car. It was constructed at the Przemysłowa Street, in the areas designated for business activity. The implementation of this project involved the creation of a business incubator which will raise the complexity and availability of the offer for entrepreneurs. The main objective of creating the Incubator was to provide appropriate technical infrastructure and consultancy support to the newly emerging and growing companies and, consequently, an increase in employment.